Outlook Duplicate Remover

Easily Remove duplicate Outlook Emails from PST Files and Folders in the Secure Way


Outlook Duplicate Remover
  • Delete Repeated Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, task, notes and journals
  • Remove Outlook duplicate items in two ways: Within Folder & Across Folder
  • Remove bulk duplicate entries from Microsoft Outlook data file (.pst) quickly
  • Microsoft Outlook should be installed on your PC to delete Outlook duplicates
  • PST Duplicate Remover supports Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, etc.

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Due to duplicate Items in PST file, Microsoft Outlook’s performance gets too slow which creates Outlook Freezing error. Also, double emails increase the size of Outlook data file. So, to remove Outlook duplicate item and boost Outlook performance, you need to run best Outlook Duplicate Email Remover tool to delete repeated emails in all the latest vers of Outlook.

Outlook Duplicate Remover – Assistance For Removing Duplicates

Due to various reasons, Outlook data files or folders may contain a number of duplicate entries. Duplicate emails and other duplicate entries into Outlook account of user annoys when the user gets started to search for an email that is present in multiple locations. Better to keep your Outlook mailboxes away from duplicates and to help you out for the same, Outlook Duplicate Items Remover is the best option.

Features of the PST Duplicate Remover Tool

remove PST duplicates

Remove duplicate Outlook items in Batch

The Outlook Duplicate Email remover allows to add multiple PST files concurrently. That means duplicates from multiple Outlook data files (.pst) can be deleted in a one go. It not only removes duplicates from the multiple Outlook PST files, but also checks each folder within every single file added, in order to find duplicate items and remove it quickly.

Deleted Outlook Duplicate Entries

Multiple options to remove outlook duplicate emails

Remove duplicates within the folder: Through this option, duplicate items will be removed folder wise. This implies, that it will check the inbox folder of all the files, and delete Outlook duplicates. Then another folder will be checked and duplicates will be removed and this is how it goes on.

Remove duplicates across the folder: According to this option, Outlook duplicate remover will check all the folders in each and every file, and if found duplicate emails, then it will be deleted irrespective of its location.

PST duplicate items remover

PST files are listed with attributes

The complete report specifies each and every detail of PST file(s). The report includes the file name, file path, status, duplicate and item. According to the information displayed in this report, the user can decide whether to proceed with "Remove Duplicates" option or not.

CSV Report after deleting duplicates

Final CSV Report generation

A CSV report is generated at the end of the duplication removal process. The Duplicate Remover creates this report for keeping the information stored at one place about the name of the files on which this process has been applied, where the final file is stored etc.

remove outlook duplicate contacts

Customize option to select a folder:

The addon Outlook PST duplicate remover utility has the field that enables user to select the required folders from which duplicates must be removed. That is, it is not always necessary to remove duplicate Outlook emails from the whole file. The User is free to select the folder.

remove duplicate outlook folder

Creation of separate and a new folder

The new folder is created to store the resultant file. The resultant file will now be free of any duplicate copies. And this new file can be stored at any location, according to the user's choice. There is no boundation to store the file at a particular location.

Self-explaining Features To Remove Duplicates

Outlook Duplicate Remover has a clear vision to remove PST file duplicates after addition of multiple PST files and multiple options to facilitate removing duplicates from PST files are categorized for users ease. Selection and decision about removal of PST duplicates depend on user's choice.

Take a Trial Before Purchase

To test the process for deleting of duplicates from PST files, users can use trial version of the application that only extracts 15 duplicate entries per folder. Although the trial version has limited usability still all the functionalities of the tool can be understood by it easily. To get uninterrupted actions for removing Outlook duplicate emails, contacts, and calendars, you can opt the licensed edition of Outlook Duplicate Remover.

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